Download drivers and software for customisation.

Setting Up Lodar Software For Writing Receivers And Transmitters

Many of you already have this software. In some cases it was quite hard work because we made the mistake in assuming that Microsoft.Net Framework v4 was already on your computer – this proved not to be the case. We have therefore revised the whole set-up so that both Lodar Config Software and Microsoft.Net Framework v4 are available to everyone – VIA THE INTERNET. This allows us to constantly update the software and for you to download any updates from the web. 

There are two things that need downloading, unless you KNOW that you already have v2.
Load these first

Click below to download and install Lodar Config Software (v2-06) - once extracted double-click setup.msi to install

Lodar Config Software  (V2-06)

Click below to download and install Lodar USB Serial Port Driver

Lodar  USB Serial Port Driver 
Once both these programs have been installed on your computer an icon for the LodarConfigSetup (LCS) will appear on your desktop. You are now set up to program Lodar, although You Will Need The “Computer To Receiver RS232” Cable And Password From Us.

Instructions for working program software (LCS)

Has to be the 9200/9300 Series – will not work with the 9100 series

Short out Stop/ 0V on Black 3 way for the 9202/4
Short out Stop/ 0V on Black/Orange 4 way for the 9206
Short out Stop/ 0V on Orange 4 way for the 9210/9216

Take the code data lead (as supplied by us) from the computer and 
attach to white 3 way plug LK3 on the Receiver pcb

Apply 12/24v power & ground to the Pos & Neg. – make sure Fault light is on

Refer to the Computer
Identify 2/4 function or 6/10/16 Function
Go to Tools/Options/Admin Mode – Enter username and password
(refer to label on the software box supplied)
Set up Screen as to your requirements – you may have to have some
help on the phone here!

When done, you have to SAVE the settings. Go to File/Save and set up your own
folder to hold all the various settings for the future.
We suggest you give each setting your own spec. number

Return to LCS screen
Go to Tools -> Options -> User Mode. Check Com Port Mode.
(Right-Click My Computer -> Properties -> Device Manager -> Ports)
Go to File - pick the Spec – Open it. The one that you have just done
will be the last one shown.

Click on Lodar Update Configuration - this will then immediately program the Receiver.
Go to Read Lodar Config – this should show the Status as Lodar Read Corrrectly

Remove all leads to the PCB

Reconnect power to the PCB and code Transmitter as normal

Test to make sure Receiver is programmed correctly