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Market History

25 years ago Electric winches were operated by hard wired controls. All Hydraulic winches were all controlled by levers.

Television was now being operated remotely, so why not winches?  “Infra red” was not suitable but “radio” proved to be a successful option.

A market was born.

Europe immediately embraced this technology and soon most commercial vehicles were fitted with electro-hydraulic valves, to accommodate this remote radio switching option.

America and others stayed with hydraulic simplicity. However, the persistence of a few radio control manufacturers slowly convinced the market to embrace this concept. US builders now regularly provide radio control as an option and, in many cases, as standard equipment.

The radio control industry is currently both sophisticated and diverse, providing remote switching systems for a wide variety of applications. Lodar is ideally suited to take advantage of this growing market

Lodar system examples

Company History

Lodar, the brand name, was created in the UK in 1988 by Skidmore 4WD Ltd.

Martin Skidmore, a three-time National Landrover Champion and Tim Halford, the main Superwinch distributor, found a need in the market for radio switching systems.

Over the years these two friends have built a global brand with an impressive list of Distributors, supplying a wide variety of industries. These Distributors are able to help customers find the best system for their individual needs

In 2013 Skidmore 4WD Ltd changed its name to Lodar Ltd., to better reflect the direction of the company.
In the US, after 20 years of trading as Lodar, the name was changed Lodar USA.  


Lodar allows you to control, move, ramp up, start, switch, activate, deactivate or operate multiple functions at any given time

Lodar is an industry leader, focused on safety. New product is constantly being developed to maintain a competitive edge.

Lodar has a dedicated service team. We recognise that customers demand prompt attention when something is not right – Lodar provides that total support.

Visit www.lodar.com and call your local Distributor for more information. Allow them to explain how Lodar can improve your company’s performance.

Lodar Ltd is a registered ISO9001 and ISO14001 company